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What's new in Cookiecad for March 2020

We're really excited to bring you a new version of Cookiecad! There are new features including two of our most requested features. Here's what's new:

  1. Additional cutter wall / tapered edge
    You can now include a second cutting blade in your cutter for extra strength and a thinner cutting edge. If you prefer a single straight blade just set it to 0. The second cutting blade will be on the outside and should be shorter than the main cutting blade. 
  2. Custom imprint depth / set imprint to cut
    You can now set the imprint depth. The depth is the distance from top of cutting blade. Use a low depth to make a cutter for thin dough or paste like fondant. Use a higher depth for thick dough. Set the depth to 0 to make the imprint the same height as the blade. Use this to cut holes in shapes like a doughnut, an A or 8.

    You can edit this dog's settings and download the STL here.
  3. Save / Share button
    You can now get a link to your cutter project. You can bookmark this link to come back to it later or you can share it with others. Anyone you send the link to will be able to view your model and download the STL. You can send the link to yourself if you want to download the model on another device. Here is a link to the dog above as an example.
  4. Center bar is now more efficient
    Center bar will now only go where it is needed to connect interior parts. It will not go through a hole if the hole is empty. This will reduce print time and save plastic. This also makes working with your cutter more enjoyable because it will be easy to remove dough that may get stuck in the hole. 
  5. MM / Inches setting now only affects cutter size
    The mm / inches option now only applies to cutter size. All other sizes are now in mm.
  6. "Cut" has been renamed to "Edge Trace"
    Imprint will create a stamp / imprint exactly matching your design inside the cutter. Edge trace, on the other hand, will create new edges by tracing the edges of a filled in object. Use edge trace if your image is solid/filled-in like the following example. Use imprint for every other case, including line drawings like the following example: Use outline only if you don't want to include interior parts at all.

In order to download STLs in this version you will need to create a free Cookiecad account. This is to prepare for new features that are coming, including the ability to save your designs and settings. Many more exciting things are coming! 

Get started with the new version now at cookiecad.com!

What should we add next? Suggest or vote on features here!