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Dreidel Set | Lil Miss Cakes
Dreidel Set of 2 | Lil Miss Cakes
Dreidel Linzer | Stained Glass | Window Cookie Cutter

Dreidel Linzer | Stained Glass | Window Cookie Cutter

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Each dreidel cutter measures 1.75″ wide and 2.25″ tall.

Set of 2 comes with one dreidel cutter and one dreidel design cutout.
Set of 4 comes with nun, gimmel, hey, shin letter cutout cutters.
Set of 6 comes with all designs pictured.

The designs in the center cut completely through the dough and can be removed. If you do not remove them before baking, they will attach to the dreidel and can be used as a decorating guide. Cutters are custom designed and printed using biodegradable, PLA plastic. Hand wash in warm soapy water; not dishwasher safe. Heat will cause cutter to warp. Cutter color may vary.